Buy The Right One For Your Television!

Unless your newly-bought television can be fixed onto the wall itself, it is hard to believe anyone would not purchase a good television stand along with it – there are hardly any people who would place a television on the floor after all. For one, placing it on the floor would simply leave you with an uncomfortable viewing angle, and for two, television stands are not only about placing your television on them: they also provide valuable storage space for other devices (such as your Blu-ray or DVD player, game consoles, etc.), disc boxes and cassettes. If you are planning to buy a television stand, here are a few tips you must consider:

  • Sizing – obviously, the number one priority to consider when buying a television stand, is to consider the size of the television in question. If you have not already gotten its size specifications, then the first thing to do is to either refer to its instruction manual, or to take a measuring tape and do the job yourself. Since most television stands use screen sizes as a reference guide, it will be good enough to find out the screen size of your television (measure diagonally!). Whilst it is not recommended to buy stands with a width less than your television, you can definitely buy stands that exceed the width size, and simply centre your TV. Keep in mind that, if you are planning to buy a TV wall mount for your television, unlike with television stands, you will also have to consider the weight of your television (if it exceeds the specified weight of the wall mount, you can definitely expect the television to simply fall off – and we all want to avoid that kind of development!).
  • Materials – the second point to consider when looking at TV stands for sale Australia is the materials. This one point often has more to do with the general décor of the room in which you will place your television, but generally, stands tend to be made of either wood or metal. Wooden television stands work well in rustic, homely settings and rooms that capitalize on wooden furniture; on the other hand, the sleek design of metal stands suit modern interior décor that makes use of glass and leather furniture. When purchasing wooden furniture, make sure to ask the sales agent about the specific type of wood that is used (certain types, such as mahogany, have a considerably higher price tag than others, for example).
  • Types – television stands come in different varieties, the most common nowadays being the entertainment centres. These are the stands that feature extra storage space for speakers, players and gamer consoles. There are also the corner television stands, which feature a triangular shape so that they can fit in a corner of the room.