WHO IS A BUYERS AGENT?As implied, a real estate buyers agents Sydney acts on behalf of the potential procurer right from the start , i.e even as the thought of investments runs through your mind. Unlike a real estate agent who handle a pool of clients for both buying and selling, a buyers agents represents only one calibre of clients. The ones who are willing to take the plunge!

A BUYING AGENT IS BETTER FOR ME BECAUSE…Because his full interest will always be you, the buyer. Therefore he is sure to be undated and educated on your specifications. A buying agent is not affiliated with the sellers at any level in order to avoid conflict of interest and that comes in handy too.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM MY BUYING AGENT?I’ll tell you what you can’t expect, a lap dance and a pint of beer if you’re under eighteen. Though there is a very slim chance of you approaching us before you are out of high school. We like to keep our options open though, well because you never know!On a more serious note we do pretty much everything related to purchasing a property, such as zeroing in on a property of your liking, doing the ground work and taking care of the legalities with regard to same and finally negotiating the best price for you.But if you do have any other specific requirement you need us to look in to our team would be more than happy to do so, all for a very competitive fee.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, WHAT IS YOUR FEE STRUCTURE?Well in order for us to formally service you, you need to pay a ;retainer, meaning a sum locking us down to represent you , and the commission applicable will be determined on the purchasing price of the property and has to be paid upon the completion of the transaction.

GREAT, NOW WHERE DO I FIND ONE?Well you can start off by working up the grapevine and doing a little a Sherlock Holmes number with in the industry itself and also finish off by approaching a professional body for recommendations, associations such as The Property Buyer’s Agents Association of Australia or the Real Estate Buyers Agents Association of Australia. They are the most reliable sources as they tend to filter out any person who is dishonourable or unethical in their conduct of business they only approve of members who are licensed, insured and must belonging to an accepted real estate association in the community they operate in. For more information, please click here.property-tile