What Is Temporary Fence Panels?

The self-supporting wall component is what we refer to when we talk about temporary fencing. The modules are kept connected using interconnects that engage with one another, which results in a transportable and flexible structure that may be used for a broad variety of purposes. Heras fence is a typical kind of temporary fencing that is used.

A broad range of attachments, such as doors, railings, soles, and anchoring, may be attached to fencing panes, while the screens themselves are supported by neutralise feet. Welded wire or welded netting are the two most prevalent types of material used to make fence slats.

When a barrier is necessary on a temporary basis for warehousing, community security or protection, crowd management, or crime prevention, temporary fencing is an option to its regular equivalent that may be used in place of its regular counterpart. When used at building sites, it also is called as building clutter by another name. Other applications for temporary fencing also include partition of event spaces for large-scale gatherings and the limitation of public access at industrial building sites, where guardrails are often installed. Additionally, special public events, car parks, crisis and humanitarian aid sites, and other similar locations often make use of temporary fences. It has the advantages of both cost-effectiveness and adaptability.

Different Varieties of Temporary Fence Panels


Temporary fencing on a round edge is by far the most common and widely used form of temporary fencing panel. The individual as a result to a site is bounded which has been able to bend to generate a form with circular contoured top-corners. This shape can be modified in a variety of ways.

Or with a Square-Top Benchmark

The above category of temporary fencing panel is typically a most cost-effective. It is organized into four steel pipes that have been fused around each other. Because each edge is at an angle of 90 degrees, this type of panel is also known as a “cubical.”


Are using screens of temporary fencing panel are frequently referred to by this word. These screens were originally decided to rent for a shorter-term venture and have since been used. Due to the fact that these screens may have suffered a few minimal damage while they were being rented out, they are frequently able to be sold at a reduced price.

What is temporary fence hire price?

Temporary fencing hire price is approximately $7 – $10 a metre to rent each week (for immediate term use), that is now about $600 for 50m of temporary fence hiring once per weekend. Nevertheless, longer – term leasing is dramatically cheaper, one can obtain the very same 50m screen for $900 when leasing it for twelve months easily.