Easy And Simple Makeup Tips That You Can Do Every Day

Do you need a simple makeup routine that you can do each day on your own? You can make a pretty look in a few minutes with these easy steps that will work with different types of faces. Here is a guide on how to do it at your home:

Make the Skin Hydrated

One of the basic steps to accomplish any makeup routine is to moisturize your skin. If you hydrate it, your skin will look flawless and highlight the best cosmetic tattoos that you have. As such, you can always prime your face with a trusted moisturizer. Choose a moisturizer which is suitable for oily or dry skin. Finally, opt for a lightweight moisturizer too.

Create a Perfect Base

Many women spend most of their time in making their skin look flawless. You can have thick brows and smoky eyes. But if you have red or blotchy skin, this will not look good too.If you want to have perfect skin in an instant, you can use a foundation stick. This is easy to use and it can provide you with accurate application.Use the foundation stick just like how you do with a giant market. Draw thick and big lines on the sides of your nose, cheekbones, and on the top of the brows. Then, blend the foundation with your fingers. If you wish to look sun-kissed, you can use another stick which is darker in shade. Put it in the places mentioned to bring a glow.You can mix all the colors all together on your face and your neck with your fingers. The heat coming from your hands will melt the foundation stick and glide smoothly on your face.

Conceal the Circles under your Eyes

For the dark circles beneath your eyes, you can always use a concealer. Choose for a creamy formula and a shade which matches with the color of your skin. Don’t select a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin. This will look like you’re wearing google as you get under the tanning bed.Apply the concealer in your skin with the use of a pointed brush. Thereafter, you can blend it with the use of your ring finger but with a light touch. Be careful on putting the concealer at the delicate areas of your eyes like your eyelid and eyelash extension Prahran.

Hide the Blemishes

If you still have some marks or zit on your skin, you can put another layer of concealer on it. With the use of a sponge, dab the concealer. See to it that you hide all the dimensions of the mark. Make sure that the foundation matches your skin. Thereafter, set it with powder to make a matte effect.