Eye Trends To Look Out For

From the classics to many more flashy ideas, the beauty industry seems no bounds. There are many creative ways used by beauticians, either to extend length, volume or the general look and feel of eye hair on a person. Some additions or treatments are done for practical purposes while some others tend to be costly attachments just to stand out from the crowd. Though many of these trends may not appeal to everyone, they seem to be here to stay and quite popular with the young crowd these days. Classic lashes – these are the oldest form of extensions that have been used. This method uses hair or fibre that is attached to extend the length of existing eye hair. They can sometimes be heavy and difficult to manage. Volume lashes Sydney– this is another form of additions being made to the eye hair. This method adds about two to six artificial hairs to a person’s natural hair increasing the volume and texture of the lashes. There is a big hype about this method these days as it is said to be more beneficial than classical additions. They are also said to be lighter that the older version and uses up less glue as well. Tattoos – who would have thought that tattoos will ever be done on eyes, let alone bring a needle near one. However eye liner tattoos are a new big thing in the beauty industry. The look is achieved by inking the eye lash line and filling in gaps between to give a fuller defined look to your eyes.

Rainbow – another hot trend these days is adding vibrant colour to eye hair. This calls for people to be more bold and upbeat with the colours they use. This effect is created either by using http://www.brazilianlashes.com.au/ which are already coloured or by using mascara and eye make up to create a rainbow of colours. There is also a monochrome effect that is being created by using a limited colour palette. So for an example instead of many colours, one can opt for several shades of one colour, like shades of blue.F. Lashes -this is said to be the hottest trend these days. It is considered a mix between technologies and make up. They are lashes that literally light up like little bulbs. The LED eye hair additions are made to interact with human actions, so that they glow and flash differently depending on the action the wearer does. They are powered by a small battery that sits at the back of your head. Magnetic additions – another creative and useful trend is magnetic fake eye hair. These are re usable and made from synthetic material. They are also considered to be light weight and very user friendly saving on time and cost. So the ideas people have and how far they will go for the next big beauty regiment or trend is anyone’s guess. There seems to be always a new trend or style popping up. But whatever method you hope to try, it is always best to do a bit of research and consider safety and health before anything else.brazilian-lashes

3 Unique And Beautiful Hair Styles You Can Try Out!

Who does not like trying out hairstyles? It is what everyone wants to do at some point in their life. It makes a person feel very good about them self and manages to make their self-confident levels and their self-esteem levels rise dramatically as well. Going to a salon and asking them to cut your hair is an easy thing to do but coming to a decision about what hairstyle you want is going to be a bit harder than you would think. There are more than a thousand different haircuts in the world for men and women and choosing one of out all is going to be hard yet worth it!

Pixie cut

This was a quite popular trend since recently and girls all over the world were seen to be sporting this hair style including some world famous actresses as well! Go to a hairdressers you think is very good so that you can avoid mistakes and then tell them about getting your hair cut in a pixie cut. This is a very short delicate hair cut that would mostly suit thinner faces but would also look good on others as well. If you are not sure about if it suits you, you can easily ask the stylists in the salon if it would match your face and body. Once you get your doubts cleared it will result in a whole new you.

Short bob

This one also has been immensely popular this year and a lot of the younger generation is seen to be sporting this certain hairstyle. It cannot be short but can also be a rather long bob or a medium length bob that reaches your collarbones or shoulders. This too is a very delicate cut and can manage to bring out distinct facial features of a person such as cheekbones and jawline as well.

Talk to your hairdressers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hairdresser again about finding the right type of bob cut for your face as they all differ and the right one can manage to make you look twice as beautiful as you are.Long beach wavesThis is the perfect hairstyle for the summer break and it is a fun yet beautiful way of managing your hair throughout the whole of summer. You can grow out your hair and get it cut in waves to make it look more sophisticated and beachy. This hairstyle will enable you to put your hair down whenever, put it up and experiment in all sorts of ways with you hair so it would be the perfect cut for an adventurous individual.