Plant Hire At Financial Ease

Good quality pant is the back bone of any earth moving or construction project. Whether it be a simple task of creating a small road in a deserted town or creating a large dam across the channel of a humungous river, good quality plant is almost always required in all of these scenarios. The catch with good quality construction equipment is that buying or renting it is expensive. This worry is taken care of by Atlas equipment finance.

We at Atlas equipment finance are Australia’s leading finance brokers specialising in financing construction and engineering equipment. Whether it be commercial solar equipment finance or transport equipment finance, we have got your business covered. We not only specialise in earth moving and transport equipment, but can also help in the maintenance of these and other engineering equipment. Maintenance of such equipment can be a very expensive process, whether it is routine maintenance or the replacement of some broken parts; financing these expenses can help alleviate some burden from your business ensuring that your equipment stays in its best condition and you don’t need to worry about paying the expenses upfront.

Small businesses can find it especially difficult to finance larger capital costs such as the cost of buying earthmoving equipment or even hiring such equipment. Larger businesses can also take a hit on their capital reserves while doing such investments. This can lead to the company facing serious issues when considering their liquid cash assets. This crucial problem is solved by the use of financing. Financing allows the cost of the equipment purchase or rent to be spread over a larger period of time hence putting less pressure on the company’s liquid cash assets. This can also mean that the company can choose to pay for the equipment long after the project on which the equipment is working on has started. In such a case, some of the cost of the project would have been recovered by the contractor in the form of payments from the client. These payments can then be used to finance the equipment. If financing was not available, contractors would have to borrow money from a financial institution, potentially paying large amounts in interest. They can also default on their payments if there is a delay in the client giving the contractor the payment. Not using equipment is not an option either; with large scale projects, truck finance Melbourne and other engineering equipment is a must to ensure that the project is completed on time and to specification, while ensuring that local labour laws are not infringed upon.

All in all, if you need a reliable service to finance your engineering equipment for a project, whether it be transport or earth moving equipment, Atlas Equipment Finance should be your first choice. With the quality of our service, we ensure that all your needs are met and that you are satisfied with working with us!